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About Us

Life for Life Solutions is in the fore-front of combining the different renewable energy forms to provide the best energy solution for our customers at the same preventing the further climate degradation as a result of continuous use of fossil fuels. We provide a very tailored-energy alternative according to the needs and environmental availability of resources to create efficiency and satisfaction. 

Our services ranges from providing electrical power from renewables especially solar, biomass/microbes and wind and building the required facilities for the production. Our products also include production of bio-hydrogen and valuable products such as bioplastics and biochar. As a company of the future serving the needs of the present, we conduct ground breaking applied researches in the area of renewable energy through our vibrant Research and Development section.We also consult our customers on the state of the art in renewables and best renewable  alternatives to employ 

Meet the Team

We are a team of highly motivated experts from diverse background with just one goal to make energy completely green! 

Anthony Chukwubuikem Profile foto main.jpg

Dr. Anthony Chukwubuikem


Anthony Chukwubuikem is an entreprenuer, biotechnologist and energy expert with many years of experience in business and research

Sarah Chukwubuikem, M.Sc.

Deputy Managing Director

Sarah Chukwubuikem is an experienced manager with many years of experience in administration. 

Anthony U_edited.jpg

 Anthony Aroh, M.Sc.

Chief Business Strategist, Africa

Anthony Aroh an outsanding economist with a deep understanding of Africa market and dynamics 


Tatzendpromenade 40 07745 Jena


+49 3641 2680269


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