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Most  biomass currently considered as waste contains some amount of energy. Be it agricultural waste (plant and animal materials), municipal biowaste or biowaste from homes and villages. These waste can be efficiently be converted to Biogas (biomethane and CO2) by microorganisms. This biogas can be  utilized for domestic purposes e.g cooking or electricity and heat production. Purified biogas can also be fed into existing natural gas grid.

Our technology involve building biogas plants which can serve for small purposes e.g private use and large purposes e.g for large localities. We also assist in planning, executing and management of biogas plants with the latest state of art. 

Outside biogas, other valuable chemicals such as acetic, propionic and lactic acids can be produced by microorganisms during this process. These acids have great market values. The rest part of the biowaste can also be converted into bioplastics and biochar. The later can be used as fertilizer and climate-friendly charcoal for cooking.

Contact us today to talk about how you can turn your waste to energy. 


Food waste

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Agro waste from harvest

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Animal waste


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