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Energy from the sun remains the primary and most abundant energy source. Nature had for long devised several means of utilizing this energy source such as during photosynthesis. The advent of Solar  Panels known as photovoltaics (PV) has also made it possible for solar energy to be easily converted to electrical energy for several purposes. Solar energy remains the driving energy source for the green energy transition and the fast development in the area of PV efficiency and battery technology makes solar promising to meet most of the future energy demand.

Life for Life Solutions are intends to make the best technology in solar energy available to customers at the cheapest possible rate. This is achieved through patnership with leading solar companies and innovators in the field. It is also our goal to assist developing countries especially Africa to embrace green energy transition through utilization of Solar energy by providing cost-effective PVs especially for the rural areas.

We understand that the future of solar energy as a main source of energy for domestic and industrial use would hing on the storage capacities and that relying solely on batteries for the entire population would create another waste disaster in the future, hence our R & D is intensely innovating novel means to circumvent this problem.


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