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Research and Development

In Life for Life Solution, we are always striving to be innovative in providing the energy solutions and renewable products of the future. We conduct applied ground-breaking researches with the aim of coming out with completely new products or enhancing the performances of already existing ones. Our research can also be customized to the need of our customers.

Re-defined Bio Fuel Cell

Microorganisms have enormous benefits. One of the most interesting of these is their ability to generate electricity. Life for Life Solutions is developing a novel Fuel Cell that shall work with microbes to power equipments. This shall be one of the first of its kind to be succesfully commercialized. 


Green-electrify Africa

Although Africa is richly endowed with various forms of renewable energy, she still trails behind in the energy transition. This project aims to partner with Africa to pragmatically initiate green energy projects which are tailored to suit the African environment but with tentacles to benefit other developed and developing world. This project is in partnership with Research Awake Africa Initiative (RAAI) e.V.

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